Get Proper Traditional Look : Banarasi silk sarees

We can say saree is the national dress for Indian women and it’s a very important part of the women’s life. Most women adorn the saree to any event because of its sophistication & elegance . The Banarasi saree is not only popular as part of the bridal wears in Bengal weddings but women from all social & religions status love this saree. This Banarasi saree is not only making waves in the Indian fashion industry but also in the world wide fashion . 

This Eye-catching Tan Colour katan silk saree will give you feel like heaven. We Made with love and care for your occasions to be perfect.  This silk saree you can carry with silk printed butta blouse piece given by us.

The Banarasi saree is one of the most ornate and beautiful garments from India, worn across the country for special occasions and weddings. This bridal favorite is much loved by all generations for its unmatched beauty and splendor. Banarasi sarees are produced exclusively in the ancient city of Varanasi and surrounding villages, utilizing special techniques and unique designs.

The exquisiteness & beauty of the Banarasi saree is enough to make women go crazy  over the material and pattern, no matter what the occasion or the season. Here’s all the reasons why we recommend buying a Banarasi saree this festive season from pithi.

This marvelous piece of red banarasi silk saree with banarasi weavings which will make your celebration royal...