Latest Silk Design : Katan Silk Saree

The idea of Katan silk has it’s beginning in Persia and then proceed to India during the govern of the Mughals. In order to appear luxurious  & fashionable garments.A lady from royal families use to get Silk from Persia ,China, and even from Banaras . It was already mentioned in Shah Jahan Nama, the royal ladies used to dress up with utterly  costly and designed clothes in satin,Katan silk, tussar, & kimkhab material. They use to drape at least 3-4 various outfits in a day and then use to hand over to the maids. Thus Katan silk fabric entry as a traditional outfit fabric of the royal family and became popular because of the strong nature.

This attractive Dark Gajar & Brown  color smooth silk saree is specially design for you. 

 Silk saree are in trade now a days for any special occasion which you can pair with printed silk  blouse. 

 Wedding bells & Wedding season ringing: what is the kind of outfit or saree that strikes in an every Indian mind first?

Marriage is one of the most valuable moment in any woman's life. Every woman wants that she should be showing her self as gorgeous best ever on that day. So, the wedding silk saree that she wears requires to be necessarily important , bright & grand looking.

Give a Gorgeous touch to your traditional look by adding this suit to your closet. Feel Pride for yourself with this saree . This saree is Crafted in silk, this Glorious saree comes with a unstitched designer blouse & silk saree.

Katan fabric is a plain-woven fabric with real silk threads. It made with 2 silk threads twisted together and is mostly utilized for the blend of light  weight fabrics. In Katan silk, which is term normally used in Varanasi, banaras the yarn is prepared by blending with many silk filaments that makes it very sturdy and durable. It is handwoven using both a pure silk warp and weft. This fabric of silk is extremely nice, soft and shiney and has made Banarasi famous the world over.